• Yes, an update

     |  SW19's Army

    It’s only close season, and almost a fortnight since the last proper one. Yet it feels too short… Truth is, there’s very little to write about...

  • Update at some point this next week or two

     |  SW19's Army

    Been enjoying the post-season break a bit too much. Even down to not realising this site since Friday was like our midfield last season…… Read the...

  • Song for the weekend

     |  SW19's Army

    Doing the day job tomorrow, so proper Bury report up Monday…… Read the rest

  • Don and Dusted

     |  SW19's Army

    And we’re safe… Relief. A strange emotion, especially as it’s not the heights that is euphoria or the misery that is despair. But it’s a...

  • Very quick thoughts

     |  SW19's Army

    As quite simply, my brain has genuinely stopped functioning after the weekend. And I’ve had no alcohol… Your editor is going to Doncaster, so it...

  • Eight days left

     |  SW19's Army

    And then, we can put this sh*tshow of a campaign in its grave. It may be too hyperbolic to suggest the three games in the next week and one day are...

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